Infiniti Systems has a team of highly qualified professionals, which are our biggest assets. These professionals are employed on a full time basis, and work together with hired contractors. We hire experts on a contract as well as a full-time basis for particular subject areas and technologies that require specialization.

Infiniti Systems ’employees hold years of experience in the IT sector. They are highly skilled and well versed with the latest advancements and latest technologies. They all are certified, specialists, and masters. We prefer to hire only those personnel, who have a proven record of accomplishment in their respective areas. Our young employees are active, aggressive in their work and have studied applied subjects like mathematics and physics. Our senior developers have years of experience and deep knowledge in IT technologies, grown from the grassroot level.

Some of our team members also teach at universities and are researchers. This helps in concentrating on the project activity with the required academic qualification of our team members. We place educational qualification at equal importance to practical knowledge.

Our Team Consists of:

  • Group leaders for management of projects
  • System analysts and architects
  • Database developers and administrators
  • Test designers and reviewers for quality control and assurance
  • Interface and art designers
  • Technical writers and translators
  • Infrastructure support specialists (administrators for network maintenance, defect & source control system and workspace).

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Infiniti Systems is a leader in offering efficient IT enterprise solutions. Our services combine a great user experience with the latest IT tools needed to plan, design, develop, implement, manage and protect IT resources for your business.

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